Advance YouTube SEO guide to Make money from YT channel

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Youtube, that huge store of videos that has become practically a new way of watching television. If you took the desire to find a video on the Internet, it is inevitable that a search engine will direct you on YouTube.

SEO Hacks 101: Advance YouTube SEO guide to Make money from YT channel

Because it is a giant reign in its field. So, necessarily, all persons seeking videos, go through this platform. This leaves us a little idea of the space occupied by YouTube on the web. But behind this site is a discrete business that generates a sizeable turnover, but we can not say exactly.
What is fascinating with YouTube is that anyone can participate in this business. In other words, everyone can make money with YouTube. In addition, if you wanted to get an idea of the money that flows between YouTube and its users, the Stat Sheep website gives us a glimpse reliable.
In this post, I am going to explain you about:

  • How to create a perfect YouTube channel?
  • How to upload video to YouTube channel?
  • How to optimise YouTube video with SEO?
  • How to make huge money with your YouTube channel? 

Let us discuss one by one in detail.

How to create a perfect Youtube channel?

  • Go to the ” My Channel ” button.

Here, you can edit the description in the about section, Choose the Name of the channel, etc. Fill all the sections that are required.

How to Watch/Play YouTube Videos in VLC Media Player – 2 Simple Ways

1. Change Background of the Youtube account:

  • To do this you have to go to your channel. Then click on ” Add channel header “. If you already have a click on the pencil in the upper right corner and then on ” Edit channel header “.
  • Next, you just have to trim the image to your liking.
  • The recommended measures are as follows:
  1. Width: 2560 pixels.
  2. Height: 1440 pixels.
  3. The maximum weight of the image can not exceed 4 MB .
  • Ideally, your background should be a dignified representation of your personal or corporate brand.
  • It should be an image with a high quality and not deformed.
  • The higher the quality of this, the better the image you transmit ( use the .png format ).

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2. Change YouTube account image

To change the image ( the photograph ) of your  Youtube account, you must follow the same steps:

  1. Go to your channel.
  2. Click on the small pencil in the upper left corner, above the small box.
  3. Now it will tell you that your icon is linked to your Google plus account and that the changes you make may take time to appear (blablabla …).
  4. Click “Edit in Google +”.
  5. Enter your photo or icon and go.

This is the header of the account I created for our AllTop9 website:
We already have our own personalised Youtube channel with a good header and icon.
But why do you want a YouTube channel if you do not upload videos?
Well, not at all!
So let’s see how to upload videos on Youtube.

How to upload video to YouTube?

To upload a video to Youtube you have different options:

Best 20 Professional Video Creating/Editing programs on Windows/Mac/Linux

1. Import a video from your PC

  • Uploading a video is very simple and will only cost us a few clicks, it is important that you always try to upload videos in high definition and a resolution of at least 720p.
  • A little later on I’ll tell you about the process of how to record a video, but suppose we have the possibility to import it from our Youtube account.Let’s see how (in the fastest way):
  • When logged in, click the ” Upload ” button, which is in the upper right corner of the window.
  • Next, we will have a window, in which we will have the option to select the video that we want to upload. See the image below.
  • After uploading the video, give clear title, description, tags, etc.

We can make our video:

  • Audience: Everyone will be able to see it.
  • Private: Only people who receive your invitation will be able to see them. For this, they will have to be logged since the invitation will receive it to your Youtube account. Videos tagged as private will not appear on your channel or SERPs ( search results ).
  • Hidden: It is an option similar to private videos, with the difference that it will not be necessary to be logged in to view it since it will only be enough for you to share the URL.

2. Live broadcast

  • Youtube gives you the possibility of being able to record a live video.
  • You just have to have your webcam connected properly for the platform to detect.
  • To do this you have to go to the option ” Live broadcast ” and click on ” Start “.
  • You will have to verify your identity through your phone (do not worry, it ‘s free ).
  • If you have done it by the option ” text message “, you will get a code that you will have to insert to verify.
  • On the other hand, you will be given the URL in which the broadcast will be broadcast so that you can promote it in advance.
  • It is very important that you know, that in order to broadcast live through this option, you must first have an encoder installed.
  • On the other hand, you can also use the Hangout On Air option

You already have your first video on Youtube.
!! Congratulations!!
You already know how to create an account on Youtube, how to personalize your channel on Youtube and how to upload a video to Youtube.
But that will not be enough, no.

3. Tips for making a video for your Youtube channel

  1. Always record the video in high definition and at a minimum resolution of 720p.
  2. Add an intro and end of your videos, that will be very good as branding strategy and to make your brand known to many more people.
  3. If you have the possibility to create a professional background do it, and add elements that always look good and are formal as bookstores or a study table.
  4. Give a practical approach to your videos, think that Youtubers are tired of so many theoretical videos and try to teach or contribute something.
  5. Edit the video before publishing it and add transitions and graphic elements that enrich it and make it more attractive.
  6. Think that most users close a video in the first 10 seconds, so keep in mind to put in that interval something you like and increase the permanence in it.

Now you are almost ready to start using your Youtube channel you only need to learn how to position it on the Internet!

How to optimise YouTube video with SEO?

If you do not know what the SEO is, I will tell you in general terms what it is:
“SEO ( search engine optimisation ) are the techniques that are applied to improve the visibility of web pages in search engines.”
But not only web pages … We can also optimise our videos for search engines, both Youtube and generic search engines like Google.
If you do the right things and optimise your videos as well as possible, they will have a greater chance of being seen, which means that your conversions will increase, whatever they may be.
But let’s stop technicalities and go to the practical.

15 Digital Marketing Trends in 2017 (SEO, Social Media and Blogging)

# Make sure you have a good strategy

Every successful SEO campaign has implemented a good strategy to follow:
# Analyze your competition:

  • What keywords your competitors use in descriptions, in titles.
  • What categories and labels do your competitors use?

# Make your own study of keywords:

  • Not only it is about studying the keywords that your competitors use, you also have to do your own keyword study in order to have the knowledge of which ones have the greatest potential of monthly searches and which have a greater or lesser competition.

#Use keywords in titles

  • The title can not only serve to increase the level of attraction for users (it is clear that a good title, with a good call to action, and that correctly describes what the content is about, will have a greater impact on users).
  • The title also serves to position us by some keywords or others. Insert keywords in it, so you will position yourself by the keywords you want.

#Use keywords in descriptions

The descriptions of the videos are the text that summarises the video itself.
This is so that the users can have a slight idea that it treats that content.
If we apply CTR concepts, a good description can help us to make our content more visualised than others we compete with.
If we include keywords in the descriptions, we will be positioning our content for those keywords. Let us not leave this aspect to chance.

#Categorise Your Videos Correctly

  • Categorise your videos in the themes that best define the content of the same.

#Use tags with keywords

When we upload a video, we have the option to be able to add the tags that we want.
Take advantage of that to include keywords by which you think people will search for your content.
One way to make sure you use the right keywords is to see which ones your competition is using.

#Enter comments

The comments in the videos are like the comments in the Blogs, the more they have much better.
Search engines believe that if content receives a lot of comments, that content is valuable, so make sure you create calls to action at the end of your videos.
Invite your followers to comment, ask questions or suggestions as they create constructive criticism.

Be professional

This is not directly related to SEO, but indirectly.
If your videos are of quality, you bring value and solve needs, they will be more welcomed, more shared and create greater conversions.
If your videos are professional, the visualisations will increase and thus their positioning, both in Google and Youtube.

#More subscribers, better positioning

The number of subscribers on your channel will determine to a large extent the position of your videos in all search engines.
It tries to increase subscribers with quality content, calls to action, and solving doubts and needs.

# “Must share”

When you upload videos to your channel, share them in all your social networks and by all channels that are possible.
This will increase your visibility and you will have a greater number of visualisations and with it a better position.
But it is not only about sharing, it also allows and encourages others to share.

#Make a Link building campaign

SEO without the link building is worthless.
Like web pages, videos also have URLs, so it is possible to create inbound links  (backlinks) for them.
Create your own Link Building campaigns in which the authority of your videos increases.
Thanks to that, the positioning of your audiovisual content will grow in all the search engines.

How to Make money with YouTube?

If you also want to be among those who earn money through YouTube, there are six steps that you should follow:

Step 1: Develop and set your YouTube account

Create your account or if you already have one, use it. It is highly recommended to use keywords that people easily locate your page. Personalise your account according to your needs (if you are a director, for example, select the account director).

Choosing your username must be strategic: if you use a long and complicated name to remember, many going to remember you in spite of your videos. In case you already have an existing account, change its name will not be very beneficial to you.

Step 2: Add Content

As a start, put in the content. Download the high-quality content, but quite short. It is favourable that your downloads are scheduled and include a logical sequence. If your content is not very interesting at the beginning, do not give up, you will improve along the way. Optimise your content using professional equipment. Be thorough in your scenarios, you are staged, your shots, lighting. Details make all the difference. To achieve this, get help from your friends for editing and directing. Do not work half. The public will not be indifferent. Regular downloads allow you to keep your followers. You bring more audience with an active page provided new developments that generate others.

Step 3: Draw attention to you

Enrich your content with downloads for further hearing. To help you use social networks like Facebook or Twitter to spread your videos everywhere. Introduce them to everyone you know, friends, knowledge, dating … You subscribers need if you want to work in partnership with YouTube (it is possible to be rewarded by submitting viral videos that said it is really uncommon).

Step 4: Become a YouTube Partner

It is essential for you to work to work with YouTube. Get their hard work. While everyone can certainly purchase, but it would be wise to hold about 500 people to subscribe again and again upload content frequently and have on hand a viral video or a substantial audience. YouTube is looking for pages that allow them to sell advertising and collect money. They are also interested in pages that have no intention to sue. Thereby requiring the copyright content is strongly discouraged, remove them from your page and videos.

Step 5: Create a Google Adsense account

Fairly easy to create a Google Adsense account is free on / AdSense. Thereafter, follow the instructions and accept the conditions and create your account with a simple button “create an account”. Only major can access this account. Otherwise, ask an adult to support you. You are likely to get frustrated because it is something you can not distort. The fraud is seen to spread you need is a PayPal account or a simple bank account, but also a valid including other miscellaneous information, all in order to certify your identity and e-mail address regulations money. Your gain necessarily refers to clicks on an ad and for each viewing a few substantial sum but takes its magnitude over time. Hence the importance of a large audience.

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Step 6: Post your videos in other places

YouTube is not the only way to make yourself known. Create a blog, put in your videos and let him know, for example by posting on social media sites. Use all means to get noticed and increase your audience, ie your winnings.
For more live video tutorial follow us at our YouTube channel AlltTop9.


Having a YouTube account and uploading your own videos can improve your branding (personal or corporate branding), your conversions and your web traffic.
That your channel has a professional and well-defined appearance can mean the difference between success and failure.
Perform SEO techniques in your videos can help considerably to increase the earnings and visibility of the same.
Would you add any further advice to this Guide?
For you, what is the most important aspect of positioning a video on YouTube?