Step-by-Step Guide on How to Chat and Share Videos on YouTube on Android/iPhone

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YouTube stops being a platform in which only to see videos. It has launched a function to be able to chat and send videos.

This is intended to prevent users from going to other applications to share the videos with their friends. To make this easier YouTube has rolled out this feature.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to chat with your friends on YT, how to send videos to friends on YouTube, how to add friends, etc.

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Step-by-Step Guide on Internal Chat with Friends on YouTube (Android and iPhone devices)

Step 1:
Open your YouTube app in your Mobile (iPhone or Android smartphone). Make sure you have updated to the latest version.

Step 2:
Next, click on the Shared option as shown in the below image.

Step 3: 
See the below image. This is the Internal chat app, where you can share videos and chat about them easily with your friends. Click on the View Contacts to add friends to your Chat list.

Step 4:
When you click on the View contacts, you can see all the contacts available in your YouTube list, if you want to add more friends, click on Add More Contacts.

Step 5:
We have three ways to add friends to our chat list.

  • View contact you may know: You can view the contact you may know and add them to your YouTube chat list.
  • Send invitation link: When you click on the send invitation link, you will get a unique invitation link to send the people you want to share videos with.
  • You can send invitation link through Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Mail, Text message, etc.
  • I have selected the Message option, and here it looks like. Select the contact and send them the invitation link.
  • Add from Phone Book: When you click on Add from the phone book, the contact that you have saved in your mobile phone will appear.
  • Then YouTube asks permission to allow access to connect with friends. Click on Allow access.
  • Then it asks access to allow your contacts. Click on Allow access.
  • You can select the people you want to add and invite them to chat and share the videos on YouTube internal chat.
  • Here, you can invite your friends through text messages.
  • All you need to do is select the contact you want to add and then send them the invitation text message. When they click on the link that you have sent them, they will be redirected to the YouTube app and will be able to chat with you.

Step 6:
Once they have accepted your request, you will be able to chat and send videos. See the below steps to start with it.

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How to chat and Send videos to friends on YouTube on Android and iPhone devices

Once the recipient accepts the invitation link which is sent from the sender, both will be able to chat with each other. Also, we have extra benefits with this YouTube chat service. See how to chat and send videos on YouTube.

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Steps to Chat with Friends on YouTube Internal Chat feature

Step 1:
After accepting the invitation, click on Shared button as shown in the
Step 2. 
There you can see the friends chat as shown in the below image.

Step 2: 
To chat with your friend, tap on particular chat and it will open. There you can start chatting.

That’s all! Now you can chat with your friends.

Steps to send videos to friends on YouTube Internal Chat feature

Step 1: 
Tap on the chat you want to send videos to. To send videos, tap on the video icon which is shown in the below image.

Step 2:
Once you tap on the videos, you will see ‘search YouTube’ and recently watched options. You can search for the video you want to send or you can send the video which you have already watched. See the below image.

Step 3:
If you have found the video you want, then tap on that particular video you want to send. See the below image to send the videos on YouTube internal chat.

  • If your message is received at the end side, you can see as sent in the chatbox.
  • If the receiver reads your message, you can see the notification as SEEN in the chatbox.

These features are similar to the WhatsApp message service. Most of the features are similar to WhatsApp. If you like to use amazing features from WhatsApp, then GBWhatsApp satisfies you with all the extra features.

  • You can play videos in the messaging app itself.
  • You can use all emojis, love the message, delete and share the videos, etc.

That’s all. This way you can send the videos to your friends through chat service.

Additional benefits of YouTube Internal chat service

  • In the chat, you can add friends by clicking on Add participants, can view participants, can leave the chat, and can mute the notifications. These features are similar to the WhatsApp chat service.
  • If you want to delete any particular chat, tap and hold on a particular chat and there the options will pop up on your screen saying, leave this chat or delete chat and mute notifications.
  • If you don’t get the Share button to start, Subscribe to our YouTube channel and comment below to get the invitation link. Through the invitation link, you can start it faster.

This is all about the YouTube internal chat service feature which you can use on both Android and iPhone mobile devices. I hope you all liked this tutorial if you find it is helpful, share it with your friends.

If you have any queries while following the above method, let us know in the below comments.
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