The 15 Best Apps that Pay You to Walk in 2022

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Hi again, AllToppers! Welcome back. Today, we have yet another way for you to make some money on the side—our favorite pastime! But this time, earning money has never been so simple. That’s right, if you’ve read the title, you already know that there are apps that pay you to walk, literally!

Exercise and Earn: These 15 Best Apps Can Pay You as You Walk in 2022

There are lots of great reasons to go on walks. Walking outside for just 30 minutes each day can drastically improve your overall mental health and physical fitness. But now, there’s even more incentive. Just imagine, if you get familiar with some fitness apps that pay you to work out and walk, you can start reaping the trifecta of benefits they’ll bring you: improved appearance, better health, and some bonus cash to reward your efforts.

We know it’s easy to make excuses not to work out. It can be hard to find time during the day, and other times we don’t feel like it. But, even if you’re not quite ready to start running for your money or participating in American Ninja Warrior, you can still earn a considerable amount of money once you find the right app. In fact, most of us take a good number of steps in our day-to-day lives, so you could also look at it as a way to monetize something you already do each day.

Is it really possible to earn money just by walking?

Some will be skeptical, and that’s totally understandable. It definitely seems too good to be true since walking is so easy. The answer to this question is a resounding yes in that it’s a legitimate way to make solid money. Is it going to make you a millionaire overnight? Probably not, but if you walk regularly, you can definitely make enough to make a difference in your monthly spending money.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the many apps the pay you to walk, plain and simple. We’ve tried a few of these ourselves and can definitely say that they’d be worth your while.

How to Earn Money Walking – Apps that Pay You to Walk in 2022

If you’ve made it this far, you’re looking for the best way to get paid to walk. Make sure that you choose an app you like and understand before going for it. These apps all made the list for a reason, but many of them have different styles and payout methods. Ultimately, it’s up to you which one you think you can make the most money with for your steps.

Read on for mini-reviews of each app:

1. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is one of the most established apps on this list and boasts over 10 million users. That’s a ton of people using the app to earn money for walking! This app pays you initially in the form of a cryptocurrency (Sweatcoins, or SWC).

This is one that we’ve tried ourselves, and it may take a while to get the biggest prizes they offer. Each sweatcoin is roughly equivalent to 1,000 steps. So, if you walk 10,000 steps per day, you’ll earn 10 SWC. There are a few plans available that make it a little bit easier to earn sweatcoins, which you can explore in-app.

So, if the question remains of how to get actual money from Sweatcoin, here’s how it all works: when you have enough SWC, you can exchange them in the app’s marketplace for either physical prizes or real money. Examples of things you can get are $1000 gift cards to your favorite stores as well, and sometimes they even offer all-expenses-paid trips abroad!

Otherwise, they have daily and weekly offers of products you can redeem for as well as auctions involving other users. Overall, this is a good way to get some freebies in the short-term or mega prizes in the long-term. It all just depends on what your style is.

2. StepBet

Our list of apps that pay you to walk wouldn’t be complete without StepBet. Another popular app with thousands of users, this one is a little bit different in its business model. So, how does it work? StepBet isn’t an individual-centered way to make money walking. Instead, you’ll be betting money that you can outlast others in a six-week walking competition.

Someone will organize a game for people to join, and each participant will bet a certain amount of money that then gets added to the pot. We’ve seen collective pots increase into the hundreds of thousands, depending on how many people join the game!

There will be weekly goals to meet to ensure you stay in the game—for example, 4 regular active days and 2 power days. The great thing about StepBet is that all user goals will be different, as they’re personalized to how much you can manage. When you sync the app with your iPhone or Android’s health/fitness data, it will run an algorithm that creates attainable step goals for you to meet.

If you meet these goals for six weeks, you’ll split the prize money. If you fail to meet the goals, you’ll lose your money, and the surviving players will split it later. Whew!

So, clearly, this is a great way to walk and win real money, and if you make it to the end, the payout can be rewarding, to say the least. You can have three games running simultaneously if you’re a member, but sometimes it’s best to play for free!

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3. Achievement

This app is a great one if you’re looking for more ways to get paid to walk. Achievement is a solid choice for a lot of reasons, namely its variety and personalizing features. The first thing you’ll have to do on this app before starting your walking creates an account. Once you do this, you’ll find a plethora of apps you can download in order to improve your health and fitness.

A walking widget is among them, which you will download to start the tracking process. When you start tracking your steps on the app, the steps you take will be converted to points!

Achievement lets you cash out for PayPal money with no strings attached. Before you can do this, though, you’ll have to reach a minimum of 10,000 points, or the equivalent of $10.00 in real money.

We’d definitely recommend this one for anyone who either already uses Achievement or has a solid, consistent drive to increase their fitness.

4. HealthyWage

Now that we’ve talked about a few fitness apps that pay you to work out individually, here’s one that’s a little bit more team-based. HealthyWage is the perfect walk-to-win app if you thrive more in a group effort. Basically, you can join HealthyWage with a team of 5 people, and if you don’t have 4 other participants with you, the app will assign you to a random team.

This does mirror StepBet in that you contribute an initial investment along with your teammates’ contributions. A challenge will begin to see who can lose the highest percentage of body fat over its course. In the end, the winner will receive a payout as a bonus. As an added long-term incentive, if you keep your weight steady for the next six months, you will earn back your initial investment. So, everyone can be a winner and motivate each other!

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5. Walgreens Rewards

If you have the Walgreens Rewards app, you can start converting your steps into money. More specifically, you can start earning towards prescription refills, shopping items, and more just by walking with them.

To earn cash for walking, there will be weekly challenges, many of which require that you meet a certain number of steps. Once you reach the goal, you’ll have points to redeem.

You’ll need to create an account to participate, so make sure you have one or are willing to create a new one.

6. Optimity

Remember Carrot Rewards? Maybe? Well, that was the name of a bygone walk to win app popular in Europe years ago. It has since been revived after shutting down in 2019, but this time with a different name: Optimity.

Earn gems by completing the required step milestones each day as well as taking advantage of the others ways to earn on the app. One of those methods is the Learn & Earn section in the app, where you can come across more opportunities to earn currency to later convert.

7. Lympo

Lympo is another app that pays you cash to work out by walking. It’s similar to Sweatcoin in that it’s also a cryptocurrency of sorts, redeemable for real money later on. What sets it apart from Sweatcoin and many other apps on this list is that you earn money for completing one-off challenges, not for every single step.

So, if you’re looking for a good Samsung or iPhone app that pays you to walk, Lympo could be a good choice if you’re looking to make more money for more effort. Also, if short-burst workouts are your thing, this could be a really solid way to lightly boost your income!

8. Runtopia

Runtopia is a fitness app that is all-encompassing, covering more broad ideas of activity that it can track. For example, in the app, if you complete fitness challenges you can start earning Sports Coins. These can, later on, be redeemed for money and offers, but keep in mind that each year, they expire on March 1st.

So, if you end up using Runtopia you should find that it’s an easy way to make just a little bit more money here and there. As cashing out goes, saving up might be the best way to go with this app. It might take a while, but will be worth it for what you can redeem.

9. PK Rewards

PK Rewards is a fan-favorite among the app walking community because it not only pays you to walk, but basically just to move in general. In effect, you might be able to earn a lot more than usual with this one.

This is one of the best apps to make money by walking if you aren’t as frequently going on long walks outside. It’s just not practical all the time! The app works similarly to Sweatcoin, so should be straightforward to set up and get started.

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10. LifeCoin

When it comes to apps that pay you to walk, LifeCoin might be a bit of deja vu. It’s basically the exact same thing as Sweatcoin, just with a differing aesthetic and slightly different rewards. So, if you want to choose between the two, it’s completely up to you which one you should go with to match your style.

11. FitPotato

Here’s another app that mirrors Stepbet: FitPotato! FitPotato requires a much smaller initial investment, though, so it’s a nice, low-risk way to get paid for your fitness efforts. At the end of each week, there is a payout of $1000. If you stick to your routine and meet your goals, you can have a share in that prize money with the others later on.

12. PeopleWalker

There really is an app for everything. Sometimes, people just want a companion while they do their own walks and would be willing to pay someone for their time. If you like meeting new people, getting fit, and earning some extra money from walking, this could be one of the most lucrative ways to go about it.

13. FitForBucks

FitForBucks is another app that pays you money for walking, and it gets lots of different businesses involved to sponsor your fitness journey! You’ll get credit for your steps that you can later use for free items at your favorite local restaurants! Who doesn’t enjoy a technically-free coffee every once in a while?

14. FitFetti

The FitFetti service is another app that pays you to walk and places great value on your network. This app lets other sponsors you so that your steps start converting into cash. For example, your employer could sponsor your office in a fitness challenge, or you can sponsor others to keep motivation strong. The sponsor can contribute money into escrow for when you complete your goals, so all in all this is a solid way to keep fit and earn money for walking.

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15. EarthMiles

Last but definitely not least, we have EarthMiles, another app that takes a lot more exercise options into account. This app will pay you in Earthmiles depending on which activity you do for them. You can earn from cycling, walking, yoga, and many more types of sports or workouts. Overall, this one has a great feel and can be a great way to earn some extra money!


This article covered everything you need to know about apps that pay you to walk in 2021. Who could’ve known that cashing out for a task so simple would be the new normal? Whichever app you chose, we hope that you have a great experience and will let us know how it goes!

If you have any other great suggestions for our list or would like to share your experiences with other readers, you’re welcome to contact us through the comment section below.

Have a great time walking, and we’ll see you back with a new article soon!