5 Best Samsung Tablets For You to Consider in 2022

samsung tablets
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Over the years, android tablets have lost their charm. Many big manufacturers have abandoned their production lineups. However, Samsung isn’t stopping any time soon. The smartphone leader continues to churn out new options every year with killer hardware specs and decent software.

That’s why the best Samsung tablets are some of the most well-rounded machines that can easily rival Apple’s iPad line. 

On top of that, Samsung tablets also offer excellent displays that make your video streams on a small screen crispy and bright. So, whether you’re watching Youtube videos or streaming on Netflix, the visuals are a real treat.

Not just that, you can use these tablets to bring your creative side to the fore thanks to Adobe Photoshop Sketch and similar artistic android apps. Likewise, productivity on android is easy as well. 

What’s the Best Samsung Tablet in 2022?

In comparison with Fires, iPads, and other popular brands, our top 7 options offer plenty that sets them apart. 

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 11-inch Android Tablet 128GB WiFi Bluetooth S Pen Fast Charging USB

samsung galaxy tab 7

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Samsung released Galaxy Tab S7 last year, and it remains the best Samsung tablet even today. After all, it has a lot going on in its favor. You can easily find it in multiple sizes, styles, and colors to suit your requirements.

Its standout feature is the display. The 11 inches LCD panel has a 2560×1600 resolution and a super smooth 120 Hz refresh rate.

Therefore, you can play whatever games you want or watch as many movies as you wish – everything looks crisp on S7. 

As for specs, it has a snappy Snapdragon 865+ processing chip, 8 GB of RAM (with DeX), and three different sizes (128GB, 256 GB, 512GB). That means it packs enough punch to offer you everything you want to do with it without breaking a sweat. 

Finally, it includes an S pen without any additional cost. The iconic stylus offers just 9ms latency for writing and drawing.

When not in use, simply place the stylus at the back, and the attached magnet will hold it safe. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 

If you are looking for a bigger screen and an even more impressive display, nothing is better than Tab S7+. It shares the same DNA (when it comes to hardware specs) as our first choice, though it brings some extra goodies for you to enjoy. 

The first of these is an even prettier display. The larger 12.4 inches display comes with an AMOLED panel. It means even richer color coordination, deeper blacks, better whites, and a more immersive experience. 

While Samsung promises a better 14 hours of battery life, it will depend on your usage. A bigger screen would hurt the battery as well. Expect a dip in battery life in case of extensive use. 

Overall, the bigger display is excellent for productivity, office, and entertainment. So if you’re looking for a laptop replacement, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ will take much of the pressure off you. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 10 Inches

samsung s6 lite

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is what you should get if you want an iPad Pro but can’t afford the price. This Samsung 10 inch tablet is fast, doesn’t heat up whether you’re gaming or streaming, and it’s an absolute win for taking everyday notes (work, school, college, etc.)

Moreover, the image resolution is on-point with the added bonus of a stylus pen. Blacks are excellent, and color context matches your brightness settings.

Oh, and it has HDR 10+ certification, which means you can watch videos or streams at 1444p. 

However, this 10-inch android tablet lacks the hardware oomph. You get a decent Qualcomm octa-core processor along with 128Gb (or 256 Gb) of internal memory.

This should be enough to get you through the day-to-day stuff, but running complex programs for video editing (for example) may not be suitable. 

Still, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is an excellent investment. The design is premium, the screen is beautiful, bezels fit well, the S-pen sticks just fine, and if you already have Samsung gadgets, S6 will only complement your collection. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

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Like Samsung Smartphones, their Galaxy S tablets trump Galaxy A counterparts in terms of performance. However, if you’re looking for a cheap android tablet that doesn’t compromise too much on features, Galaxy Tab A7 Lite should be on top of your list. It’s better than all the budget tablets at this price point. 

As for hardware specifications, it has a decent dual-core MediaTek MT8768T Helio P22T chipset which can clock in at 4 x 2.3GHz & 4 x 1.8GHz, a TFT display and dual stereo speakers.

Sure, the display won’t hit FHD while streaming, and the audio is a bit lacking, but it’s not a bad deal at all for the price. 

You get a long-lasting battery – up to 16 hours on the plus side. Of course, that depends on your use too. But, it’s still better than most budget options. It can also fast-charge, features up to 1Tb storage, and 4GB RAM to give you a decent performance.

Overall, it’s the best Samsung tablet for kids or anyone who wants to save a few bucks on their tablet. It also comes with Samsung’s excellent app library, tools, and tricks that you know and loves.

Oh, and at a small size of 8 inches and weighing just 13 oz, it’s much easier to use while lying in bed. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 

Lastly, we have the fourth-gen Samsung Galaxy S2 tab. It comes in two configurations. There’s a 9.7 inches version and an 8 inches version. Both look and feel similar, with the only exception of display size.

However, in our experience, the 8 inches version is much easier to hold in your hands rather than its counterpart. 

Furthermore, it has a stunning super AMOLED display and a svelte design that looks just different from every other version. This 8-inch tablet also has an excellent 8-megapixel camera on the rear that shoots very vivid photos with true-to-life colors. 

Powered by a quad-core Exynos processor, 32 GB flash memory, 3 GB RAM, and 4000 mAH battery, there’s enough to please a wide range of users.

Whether you want a tablet for video conferencing, streaming, or just regular internet usage, Tab S2 will provide top performance despite a smaller real estate. 

Its short battery life of just 4000 mAH is our only disappointment. Still, if you are looking for the best small Samsung tablet, Tab S2 should be your first choice. 

Choosing the Best Samsung Tablet – A Buyer’s Guide

Samsung has so many options available in the market that putting your hands on a single Samsung tablet is like finding a needle in a haystack.

However, as long as you are clear about what you need and what you want from your tablet, getting a suitable Samsung tablet should be a breeze. 

Here’s Why:

  • Going for a tablet that lasts longer should be the first priority for students or anyone who wouldn’t have access to a power source throughout the day. Go for a tablet that has at least 8 hours of battery life. That means you should get something like Samsung Galaxy S6 or similar. It can easily get you through the day without any recharge requirement. 
  • For everyday casual users looking for a tablet on a budget, any model from the A lineup of Samsung tablets would work just fine – especially the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. These phones provide enough features without skimping too much on quality. 
  • For users who can’t compromise on an eye-catching display for their use, Samsung’s Galaxy S tablets, like our top two picks, are the ideal choice. These top-of-the-line tablets provide premium performance, though they also cost a premium. Its smaller-sized versions are more portable and suitable for people who don’t want a cumbersome tablet. 

What about Mobile Data? 

Some Samsung tablets (like all tablets) have 4G or 5G options, which makes many people wonder how vital mobile data is? Well, getting a data plan just adds to the overall cost.

You should consider how much data would you need when you are away from your WiFi connection.

Also, you can always hook your tablet to your smartphone to share the data. So mobile data isn’t really that important. 

What’s the Best Samsung Tablet to Buy? 

Well, that’s subjective. All of these options are excellent for different uses. Explore all the features of these top Samsung tablets to find which one works perfectly for you. As each is incredibly functional, you wouldn’t have any dearth of choices.

We hope this write-up gave you plenty of insight into Samsung tablet computers. Let us know which one do you like the most and why.

Thank you for reading.


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