Protect Your Instagram Privacy: Learn to Block and Unblock

Protect Your Instagram Privacy: Learn to Block and Unblock

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Is someone bothering you on Instagram? Do you want to block him/her? Did you block someone by mistake or do you want to be friends with the blocked person again?

Hacks on How You Can Block and Unblock Someone on Instagram: Revealed

If you are looking for the solution for the above questions, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will explain to you how to block and unblock someone on the Instagram social network and also we will tell you what happens when you block someone.


Tutorial on how to Block and Unblock Someone on Instagram

There are few people who annoy us with their too much of talk in private messages or too much of comments on our posts. When that happens it is an obvious thing we do block them. Till here it is fine. What happens when you block someone on Instagram, will that person know that you’ve blocked them? Can they access your profile in any way?

Instagram will not notify the user that you have blocked them, they will simply stop seeing your photos and will not appear among the people they follow. This way, it will not be able to look for you either, so it will seem that you have simply deleted the account. This occurs regardless of whether you have a public or private profile.

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There is only one way in which someone can access the Instagram profile of a user who has blocked them. The first requirement is that the person who has blocked should have a public profile; it will not appear between the searches yet, but between the comments and likes of other people, and the blocked one will be able to get into the profile from here. This does not happen if you have the private profile.

Therefore, if you want to make sure that person does not have any access to your account you have to put the private profile on Instagram.

Clarified? Now, let’s see how to block someone on Instagram (and how to unblock it if you later regret it):

How to block someone on Instagram

  • Access the profile of the person you want to block on Instagram. On the top right you should see three vertical points (in the case of Android) or horizontal points (in the case of iPhone).
  • Click on the three points and a menu with the option to ‘Block’ will be displayed.
  • Instagram will ask you if you are sure to block the user, and once the approval is given, that user will no longer have access to your content.
  • Although you can open the profile, you cannot access the content on that particular profile as you have blocked them.

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How to unblock someone on Instagram

  • Unlocking someone on Instagram is even easier. If you have decided to end blocking and continue giving access to that person simply you have to enter the profile of the person you have blocked and follow the same process: click on the three points and choose the option ‘Unblock’ in this case.
  • In some smartphones, the option to unlock the user on Instagram is seen as soon as you enter their profile.
  • Click on the ‘Unblock’ button and confirm that you are safe. The other person will have access to your content again.
  • That is, keep in mind that by blocking a user on Instagram you have stopped following him/her if you want to see his/her content in your feed you should follow that person again.

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This is how we can block and unblock someone on Instagram. I hope this article will help you to be safe with your Instagram profile. If you still have any queries let us know them in the below comment section. We will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your queries.
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