5 Best Free Facebook Messenger Spy Apps

5 Best Free Facebook Messenger Spy Apps [Updated 2020]
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Have you ever wanted to spy on someone else’s Facebook messenger? If you’re like hundreds of inquisitive minds out there, you probably have.

Here are the 5 Best Free Facebook Messenger Spy Apps

Whether it’s to keep tabs on who your boyfriend chats with at odd hours or find out who keeps feeding your girlfriend lies about you on Facebook, hacking into someone else’s FB messenger can come in handy in more ways than you can think.

But doing it isn’t possible or easy without the assistance of a dedicated app for the purpose. So if you’ve always wanted to spy on another person’s FB messenger, this post is meant for you!

Here, we’re revealing the top 5 FB messenger spy apps so don’t go anywhere.

Part 1: Spyier – The Best Undercover Facebook Messenger Hack

You’ve probably come across several phone spy apps in online marketplaces, but did you know that even though they seem pretty genuine, they might be unsafe to work with?

It’s a fact that among the hundreds of similar appearing phone spy apps out there only a few are authentic. The others either don’t work as expected, or have lousy interfaces, or end up stealing your personal information.

Thankfully, apps like Spyier exist. Shattering common myths around phone spying, Spyier is one app you can trust with your eyes closed. Working like a charm on Android as well as iOS devices, Spyier breaks remote phone monitoring down to a granular level.

5 Best Free Facebook Messenger Spy Apps [Updated 2020]

The leading phone monitoring solution has been in the industry for over 10 years. It has a loyal fan following in 190+ countries across the world. Not only that, corporate giants like Top Ten Reviews, LifeHacker, and CNET vouch for Spyier’s capabilities in the phone spying arena.

Now, this is not one of those blind promotion articles which just make huge promises without any proof. We’re going to give you every single detail about why you should use a free Facebook messenger spy app like Spyier.

1.1: Here are the top reasons why most people prefer using Spyier

  • Spyier is laced with an attractive and intuitive user interface which makes it fun to use. In fact, Spyier’s work can be easily picked up by anyone (even those who don’t have any prior experience with phone spy apps or with any sort of technology).
  • The app doesn’t need you to install anything on your phone or computer. It is completely web-based and is operated through an online dashboard to which you gain access after registering. The dashboard can be logged into using any web browser of choice (desktop or mobile).

Top reasons why most people prefer using Spyier

  • Keeping user data security and privacy at the forefront, Spyier doesn’t need you to root or jailbreak the target device. It doesn’t make the device vulnerable to malware and doesn’t save any of the monitored data on its servers. So you can rest assured that none of your or your target’s personal data can ever get leaked because of Spyier.
  • The app is very affordable and gives you access to over 35 handy features which include complete call and SMS tracking, live GPS location tracking, social media hacking, website history view, and much more.
  • To facilitate FB messenger hacking, Spyier comes equipped with a dedicated Facebook hacking panel which you can use for single-click FB monitoring.

5 top reasons why most people prefer using Spyier

Probably the best aspect about Spyier is that it works in complete stealth mode. On iOS, the app doesn’t need any installation on the target device and works using just the target’s iCloud credentials. On Android, it does need to be installed, but the app icon can be hidden from the app drawer to make it untraceable.

1.2: You can set up Spyier using these simple steps

Step 1: First you’ll need to create a free Spyier account. To access app features you’ll have to purchase a subscription depending on the number of devices you wish to monitor (this is beneficial for people who wish to monitor their family’s phones).

Step 2: Next you need to specify the OS of the device you wish to monitor. If you pick iOS, you’ll have to specify the iCloud credentials used on the target phone. In the case of Android, you’ll need to install and configure the app as per the given instructions.

set up Spyier using these simple steps - 5 Best Free Facebook Messenger Spy Apps

Step 3: Finally, at the finish screen you’ll have to hit the ‘Start’ button to kick off remote phone monitoring. After this, you won’t need to interact with the target device or even be near it. Spyier will start sending you real-time data updates right within the online dashboard.

That’s how easy it is to work with Spyier. If you’re interested to learn more about the app, don’t forget to check out its free live demo.

Part 2: Minspy

The next app we’d like to talk about is Minspy, another prominent phone monitoring solution for Android and iOS.

Minspy lets you take charge of what your partner and children do online. The app lets you conveniently monitor social media usage, and website history, and even track the live GPS location to stay aware of your family’s whereabouts and safety 24×7.

Minspy - 5 Best Free Facebook Messenger Spy Apps

With this app in tow, you can bid goodbye to worries about your children falling into bad company. The app lets you easily hack into their FB accounts using a dedicated social media hacking panel, and once you’re in, you can check all their messenger chats without hassle.

Setting Up Minspy

You have to follow these steps to set up Minspy and start monitoring the devices from your browser.

Step 1: Register For Minspy and Install It

In order to use Minspy, you would have to create an account on the website. To do that, visit the website and click on sign up for free. It would lead you to the account creation page where you would have to enter the required credentials. After account registration, the process would start. Be mindful that it is not a free service and you would have to subscribe to a payment plan.

The process would take a few minutes so make sure that you have a working internet connection and the device has enough battery. Once over this, there is some tweaking that you have to do to install the application on the device. But before that, set the account up by assigning a nickname to the person you want to monitor. Afterward, choose the operating system that is to be monitored.

Furthermore, the process varies a bit in android and iOS but both are self-explanatory and do not need a helping hand. Android users should select Android and proceed to settings. Navigate to the lock screen and security and enable the installation from unknown sources.

Now go back to the setting dashboard and open Google > Security > Google Play Protect. Find the “Scan device for security threats” and “Improve Harmful App Detection” to disable them. Your device is now ready to install the Minspy application.

Step 2: Install the Minspy App

Minspy is not available on the Google App Store and hence users would have to download it from the link provided on the Minspy website. Visit the website from the browser and download the APK file. Start the installation.

However, before the installation take a look at the terms and conditions. We recommend it because some users might not appreciate some clauses in the agreement. You must know the potential threat and privacy clauses before installing it on the smartphone. Once you agree to the terms and conditions, a sign in the window would appear. Enter the credentials and click on sign in.

The applications would ask for the change in settings and provide a tutorial on how to do that. Follow the onscreen instruction and complete the setup wizard. After the adjustments, users can hide the application. It would put the app into stealth mode and hide the icon from the app drawer. You can dial **001** to open the application while it is in stealth mode.

Note: This entire process has to be carried out on the phone that you want to track or spy on.

Step 3: Start Monitoring From Web Browser.

You can return the phone to the user once the installation is complete. Physical access to the phone would not be needed after this. Open the Minspy webpage on the browser and device of your choice and sign up with the same credentials that are used on the target phone. The dashboard would take several minutes to load and collect data from the target phone.

Once it is complete, use the selection menu on the left to view all the features. You can also click on the refresh icon to get the new data. That said, Minspy would not be able to track the phone or use the other features while the target phone is off the internet.  

Part 3: Spyine

Working on almost the same principle as Minspy, Spyine is a phone monitoring app used by millions around the globe.

Spyine offers employers the chance to secretly track where their employees go during office hours and what files they exchange with their contacts over messaging and emails. This feature is very useful to ensure confidential information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

To make this possible, Spyine offers live GPS tracking with advanced 3D street view and multimedia file tracking capabilities. It also lets users check which files have been exchanged through FB messenger.

Part 4: Spyic

If you’ve ever kept track of the phone spying online market, you would have come across Spyic. Probably one of the most extensively trusted spyware, Spyic is an app you can use for seamless FB hacking and tracking.

Spyic - 5 Best Free Facebook Messenger Spy Apps

In addition to a fluid UI and 30+ features, Spyic provides users with an Android keylogger and dedicated social panels for hacking into Facebook and other leading social media platforms like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and more.

Part 5: Neatspy

Last, but certainly not least, Neatspy brings a new dimension to remote phone spying by enabling you to set up geo-fences and receive SMS and call alerts about new activity on the target phone.

Neatspy is the solution you should go for if you need an impeccable app to keep track of ANY target Android or iOS device (phone or tablet). It is a zero-fingerprint app that is extremely difficult to detect, and thus, your target can never know they’re being spied on.

To Wrap It Up

Could that list get any better? Those are the best Facebook Messenger Spy apps you will find online, hands-down! So what are you waiting for? Go check them out NOW!


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