Take a Look at the ‘Confirmed’ iPhone 8 Design

Take a Look at the ‘Confirmed’ iPhone 8 Design

Apple will launch a completely new design with the upcoming iPhone 8 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the range. And if you were tired of the same design that looked so much the iPhone 6, 6S, 7 and 7S, the iPhone 8 will surprise you. According to a Forbes report, which claims to have obtained a CAD file for the new mobile through its supply chain, ‘ iPhone 8 will be the biggest redesign in the history of the iPhone ‘.


Confirmed iPhone 8 Design

Goodbye to the bezels and vertical rear double chamber

Like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +, the iPhone 8 will have a design almost without bevels, thus eliminating almost completely the robust bezels of the previous iPhone.


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  • The screen will be elongated, 5.8 inches, and will feature a cutout at the top for the camera and the front sensors.


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  • In addition, as it had already transpired in previous leaks, the new iPhone 8 will replace the horizontal rear camera by a rear camera with double vertical lens. ” This will support Apple’s bid for Augmented Reality,” according to the Forbes report.


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  • However, perhaps the most controversial point is the start button. Apple will almost double its size for the iPhone 8. As it given that Touch ID integration on the screen is still not safe, Apple could choose to use this button Larger to copy to Sony and integrate the Touch ID into the power button of the phone. Remember that Sony’s Xperia smartphones have the fingerprint scanner integrated into the home button. A discreet way to do it and where Apple would have thought by filing a patent for this.


Likewise, the report adds that the Lightning port will remain, but nothing is said about the headphone connector.

Some unknowns yet to be solved

However, there are still some unknowns in the air, beyond the design the new smartphone. What will be the capacity of the battery? And the performance of the A11 chipset?

Also, according to previous leaks, Apple will include an OLED screen on the iPhone 8. Given the agreement Apple has recently arrived with LG and Samsung to manufacture OLED panels, it is possible that all the future iPhone will have OLED screen. However, this end has also not been confirmed for the time being.

These doubts are still pending and we have to wait for the official presentation of the iPhone 8 to know them. But as for the design, there is no doubt.

The Apple iPhone 8 is expected to come in September and could be priced at around $ 1,000, according to some reports.

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