15 Secret Words Used by Google Employees that will Leave you Astound

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Believe it or not, Google employees have their own jargon, used exclusively by the 70,000 ‘googlers’ scattered around the world. Find out what some of the secret words most commonly used by Google employees mean.


No doubt working for Google is quite an experience and an excellent professional opportunity. However, adapting to the company does not only mean getting used to your work dynamics … you will also have to familiarize yourself with the language of Google workers.

We are not talking about technological technicalities, but the secret words used by Google employees: on the Mountain View campus they have their own jargon, and some of the terms have also spread to the other Google offices worldwide.

Google Employees Secret Language

We will tell you the meaning of some of the most curious and commonly used secret words of Google employees revealed by Business Insider. If you ever have the opportunity to visit the Google campus in Mountain View, or as Google employees would say, the ‘Googleplex’, you will move like a fish in the water.

  1. Plex: Let’s start with a simple one since we have given you a clue before. Plex is the shortened version of “Googleplex” that derives from the combination of Google and complex (complex) and uses it to refer to the Google campus.
  2. Noogler: Novices in Google have a special name: nooglers. They are also characterized by wearing a colourful cap in the purest ‘Doraemon’ style.
  3. TGIF: Maybe this term will sound to you since it usually means Thank God It’s Friday. However, the Googlers have given it a somewhat confusing use, since they refer to the weekly meetings that are currently held every Thursday.
  4. Googlegeist: Google employees do not respond to a simple questionnaire to assess their bosses and their lifestyle in the company, they fill in the famous Googlegeist – term to refer to the annual valuation survey.
  5. Perf: Just as employees value their superiors in the Googlegeist, bosses value workers in Perf (Performance Review).
  6. GUTS: In English “guts” literally means “intestine”, but not for Google employees. They are the abbreviations of Google Universal Ticketing Systems, where they keep a record of the problems that workers report about the company.
  7. Gayglers: Do you belong or support the LGTB community? In Google, you would be a Gaygler.
  8. Greygler: Are you over 40 and work in Google? You are a Greygler. This term refers to grey hair that tends to have the most veteran employees of the company.
  9. Xoogler: Pronounced “zoo-gler”, is anyone who leaves the company will belong to this group.
  10. Doogler: As you can see, Google employees like nicknames. They even have a name to refer to workers who bring their pets to the office, as well as the pet itself.
  11. Dogfood: Although its literal translation is “dog food”, it is not that they have a special menu for pets in Google offices. Interestingly, they use this word to refer to new software that they are still testing within the company, and ‘dogfooding’ means “try your own product”, in honour of a real dog food vendor who tried one of the cookies for the faithful pets in order to demonstrate their high quality.
  12. Stan: Dooglers are not the only pets in Mountain View. On the famous Google campus, there is a skeleton statue of a T.Rex dinosaur, named Stan. Some argue that Stan is there to remind the entire team that Google will never be a dinosaur.
  13. Brewgler: Are you passionate about beer? You would fit in well with the brewglers, who exchange their opinions and recommendations about beer.
  14. Memegen: Between project and project, Google employees have time to take out their most freaky side, and the result is the memegen: an exclusive memes generator for the company where they share internal jokes.
  15. Tech Stop: The computer equipment, which will save you the day fixing your computer if you work in any Google office, operates from the Tech Stop department.

These are the 15 secret words used by the Google employees in their offices. Interesting isn’t it? If you know any other words used by Google employees, let us know them in the below comment section and we will include them in this article once the verification is done.
Do you use any secret language with your Employees or Friends like this? If yes, share them with us.

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