How to Protect Yourself When Using Free WiFi in Airports

How to Protect Yourself When Using Free WiFi in Airports

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Although having free Internet can be tempting, connecting to a public free WiFi network is not particularly secure. We tell you the risks and precautions you should take to protect yourself from the cyberattacks.


Public wifis are those that are not protected by a password and allow us to connect to the Internet in a comfortable and fast way. These networks do not encrypt the information that is transmitted through them, so they are not secure. When you access one of these public networks you are endangering your credentials, your bank accounts, your passwords, etc.

Tips to Protect yourself from Public Free WiFi network Connection

Airports around the world often have open connections that can sometimes hide bait that cybercriminals use to gain access to equipment and personal data. It is important to take certain precautions, such as keeping all applications up-to-date, correctly configuring the security options of your device and having protection tools available.

Do not access sensitive information

Even if you use a completely updated and protected device, even if you browse a legitimate network … Do not forget that you are in a public place.

In the same way, do not buy the tickets in the subway, or you would not do business at the door of a shopping centre, do not make purchases online or handle sensitive information when you are on a free Wi-Fi network.

There is a place for everything, and a public channel should be used for trivial tasks or where privacy is not a problem. For example, visit a website, send messages, access social networks …

Check that you are on the official WiFi network


We have already seen how cybercriminals create false networks that place in the same area as a free official network of an airport, or a school, to try to hunt unsuspecting.

In many cases, they give it a name very similar to that of the original network.

Therefore, check the exact name when you enter a network with free WiFi. If the official network is called ” Abc ” do not enter “Abc2 “, for example.

Inquisitive looks

Free networks are in public places, almost always full of people. It does not take a sophisticated Trojan to steal a phone number or a credit card number while typing it on your smartphone. Just look over your shoulder …

Therefore, take extreme precautions and make sure that no one is watching when you enter a password. Cover the screen with your hand if necessary.

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Update your devices

Most viruses and Trojans penetrate our defenses because they find a security hole, which you could have closed by installing the corresponding patch.

Update the operating system, apps and antivirus of your smartphone, tablet or computer, before accessing free Wi-Fi.

Always look for secure websites

As much as possible, if you have to visit web pages, always look for pages that have the encrypted connection.

They are easily distinguished because their URL address starts with HTTPS: //

Normal web pages use HTTP: //

Secure websites encode navigation so spies, even if they exist, will not be able to see anything.

They are simple rules to carry out, and that will save you a lot of trouble if you meet them. Enjoy your free WiFi!

Remember to also secure the WiFi network of your home, for example with a router from the AVM Fritz! Box range, which will make it easier to repel unwanted intruders …

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VPNs, the best defence mechanism when connecting to a public WiFi

However, all these measures are small patches for a problem that has a solution in virtual private networks or VPN.

This type of service offers us a point-to-point virtual connection that acts as a kind of private tunnel between both ends of the communication, one that a cyber-attacker will hardly have access to.

That is it! I hope this article will help you to take the necessary measures to protect yourself from the public free Wi-Fi network connections. If you have any other queries let us know them in the below comment box and we will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your queries.

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