16 Must-Know Apple Watch Tricks for Wi-Fi-Free Environments

16 Must-Know Apple Watch Tricks for Wi-Fi-Free Environments

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The Apple Watch to this day is a device that depends on the iPhone. However, little by little and version after version, we can see how Apple is trying to make it not so. We always carry iPhone with us, it is the device that always accompanies us, therefore should not be a problem. Although if you do not have it with you, it is good to know what you can do with the Apple Watch without the iPhone. 


Things to do with Apple Watch Without iPhone or WiFi Network

When you have the iPhone with you, there are two options in Apple watch. The first one is that you are on a known Wi-Fi network and the second one is no. Usually, when you do not have a Wi-Fi network nearby it is because you are out without a WiFi facility. But, there are few activities that we can perform with our Apple Watch without a Wi-Fi connection. Here is what you can do with your Apple Watch:


  • Use the Training app: Obviously, you are able to perform the different Training activities since all the data is saved and synchronised later with your account on the iPhone.
  • Check your Activity: As I train, you can continue to store your activity and later sync with your iPhone.
  • Set Alarms and Timers: You can use the four-time applications to view the time, to use a timer or to set an alarm.
  • Listen to music: As long as you have lists of Apple Music synchronised with your watch you can listen to music.
  • View photos: Once again, as long as you have albums synchronised with your watch you can view photos.
  • Pay with Apple Pay: You can pay with your Apple Watch for Apple Pay if you are not connected to the Internet. After all, you just need to offer your data to the card reader, so no internet connection is required.
  • Check your heart rate: In training activities, if you wanted to check your heart rate with Apple Watch, you can do it without an Internet connection.
  • Use the app Breathing: Like the heart rate, you can check and improve your breathing directly from the Apple Watch without the iPhone.

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If you do not have your iPhone but a nearby Wi-Fi network

This is somewhat a different situation but not so common one to not to have iPhone but with a nearby WiFi network. For example, there is this situation being in the pool without the iPhone near but with the Wi-Fi network of the pool, although there are many other cases. You will know that you are like this because at the top there is an icon of a green cloud in watchOS 3 and earlier and three lines of Wi-Fi in watchOS 4 and above. This is what your Apple Watch allows you to do without your iPhone but with a nearby Wi-Fi network in addition to the things we have seen in the previous section:


  • Using Siri: You can use SIRI from your Apple watch if you are connected to your nearby WiFi network. Practically you can do whatever you want, as you have access to Siri and it can do a lot of things from the clock.
  • Send messages: You can send and receive messages by iMessage from the clock connected to a WiFi network.
  • Make calls: Wi-Fi calls work even better than regular calls, you just need a good connection.
  • Using the Time App: You can use the entire Time app directly without the iPhone.
  • See the bag: Consult in real time the status of the shares of any company.
  • Control HomeKit: You can control your home or any HomeKit device that has synchronised with your account.
  • Using reminders: Adding and completing reminders from Apple Watch is also possible.
  • Use other apps that support Wi-Fi connection: Any application that supports the Wi-Fi connection can make use of the Apple Watch, yes, it must offer compatibility with the developer.

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Awesome isn’t it? We can lot of things with our Apple watch or iWatch without our iPhone or WiFi connection. If you have any queries regarding any of the above-mentioned uses, let us know in the below comments. We will get back to you to solve all your queries as soon as possible.

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If you know any other important task that we can perform with our Watch with or without iPhone and WiFi network, write them in the below comment section. We will include it in our article in the next update with thorough research.
What is the best task you can do with your Apple watch without iPhone or WiFi network?