10 Cool Google Calendar Tricks You Need to Know in 2021

10 Cool Google Calendar Tricks You Need to Know in 2021

google calendar tricks

Google Calendar stands out for its usefulness and practicality when being integrated with the rest of the systems.

Google Calendar is also an essential tool when organizing and planning the daily routine, and as we all know, Google Calendar is the most popular digital calendar in the world. Not only does it come ntegrated with devices that use the Android operating system, but is also available for iOS, and with the the new update is fully adapted to work on any iPad.

In addition, it stands out for offering useful and convenient features when synchronising with the rest of Google services, such as Gmail. Therefore, it is a pity to have such a practical tool, and not know how to get all the juice.

Google Calendar offers more advantages than a conventional calendar, why would you use it as if it were one more?

10 Cool Google Calendar Tricks You Need to Know

Discover these 10 tricks to use Google Calendar and become the master of the organisation:

  1. Includes all your Gmail events: Google Calendar has the ability to automatically detect events in emails, saving you the process of saving them manually. Go to the “Settings” section, click on “Gmail Events” and activate the function.
  2. Program more than one calendar:  If you are a person with a busy life, perhaps only a calendar is short. It will be useful to be able to distribute your events in different agendas.  For example, one for your social meetings and another for professional matters. Configure it by clicking on “My calendars” that you will find in Google Calendar in the left sidebar and click on the “Create a calendar” function.
  3. Receive your daily schedule in a morning mail:  I insist, take advantage of the synchronisation. You can configure it so that you receive a daily email with the events you have scheduled. You can program it by accessing the “Settings” section and clicking on “Calendar”. There you will find your calendars, where you can click on “Edit notifications” and accessing the section “Choose how you want to be notified” you must activate the “Daily agenda”.
  4. Tasks pending ?:  Under the list of your calendars, you will find the option “Tasks”. Clicking on it will add a new section to the right where you write down all those things that are hanging around your head. Also, if you include an expiration date, they will appear on your calendar.
  5. Add Locations:  As mentioned earlier, Google Calendar integrates with various services, including Google Maps. Add the location to your events and click directly on it and redirect you to the GPS so you can find the best route to reach your destination and not waste time spinning like a top.
  6. Set a date with your peers: Sometimes agreeing to set a date can become a real hell. Quiet, the ” finding a hole ” function is here to save you from tedious discussions and changes. You’ll find it on the page to create a new event, and you’ll just have to add them to the individuals who are going to attend, which will allow you to visualise their schedules and set a time that works well for everyone. That yes, you will have to have access to your calendars and has a limit of 20 guests.
  7. For tastes, colours:  Are you a somewhat disorganised person with many things to do? Distinguish and prioritise your work by colours. Visually it will be easier for you to identify what you have to do and the type of task it is.
  8. Include the weather forecast: Are you planning a day in the mountains or a barbeque in your garden? Bad weather could be a nuisance. Predict and have the weather forecast always at hand. In the section of Configuration, you will find the section “General” where you will be able to “Show the time of my region”. In order for it to work properly, you need to add the location.
  9. Share your calendar with users who do not even have Gmail:  If you want to share your calendar with a Gmail user is quite simple. Just click on the arrow next to each calendar (left side) and click on share. In order for those who do not have a Gmail account to have access, you must change the privacy settings in the same section for which you share it, making your calendar public. Then in the “details of your calendar” section, you will find a URL that you can easily copy and paste. 

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  10. Forget about connection problems: If you are travelling without a connection can become a problem. However, on the computer, you can access your calendar content offline. Download the Google Calendar web app in Chrome and activate “Offline” mode in “Settings”.

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These are the productive tricks of Google Calendar which will make our work life better. I hope you are like this article and start implementing with your Calendar.

If you have any queries while following these tricks, feel free to comment below, we will help you as soon as possible to solve those.

If you know any other Google Calendar tricks, let us know in the below comments, so that we can include them in the list. If you are already aware of these tricks, let us know how much it is helping you with your schedule and how much you recommend it to our users.


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