Best Plagiarism Checker: Discover our Top Pick

Best Plagiarism Checker: Discover our Top Pick

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When it comes to plagiarism in work, online content, or essays, many questions and concerns come about.

Best Plagiarism Checkers: Discover our Top Picks to Avoid Liabilities

For example, why does anyone plagiarize the content? You’d think that people are aware of all the bad that comes with plagiarizing, but they still do it more often than they admit.

There are many reasons plagiarism is considered morally wrong and dishonest. What’s worse, many people still don’t seem to understand why cheating is wrong.

Luckily, there are hundreds of online plagiarism checker tools in the market today that can help you know if the content has been taken from somewhere else., for example, is great for this. Still, there is a better option – regulated with Machine Learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) and is a more familiar option, i.e., Grammarly. Yes, you heard that right. Grammarly is not just a spelling and grammar checking tool. It can be a plagiarism checker!

Best Online Plagiarism Checker Software

We recommend that anyone who writes any copy check this out and use it. We’re going to introduce you to a tool that enhances your writing X times over.

Nowadays, you can find many software options that let you check any text for plagiarism for free. For example, we think that the best plagiarism checker is currently Grammarly.

To show you, we just stole something off the internet and then pasted it into Grammarly’s online app. They are checking it out for us, and they show that we have two grammar problems. The great thing about Grammarly is that no matter how long the piece is, it won’t miss almost any errors!

So, we did well on spelling. They say we could do better with our word choice as well. There were seven alerts on style, formatting errors, absence of complete sentences, and significant plagiarism. Well, that’s because we stole it off the internet to prove a point!

You can also choose your document type.

We can turn that on – our Grammars and Punctuation, structure style, and then depending on what kind of article you are writing. We have tons of options, you know, if you are a student or just creative, casual writing, writing, you can tell it to check the quality on Memos, Proposals, General Technical details, etc.

There are three main sections in the Medical writing section: general medical, educational medical, and technical medical.

For all sorts of them, we like to turn on the plagiarism checkers.

It might say, “97% unoriginal,” and then this is our other favorite—we always turn on the vocabulary enhancement. Now, you can see that we will not wholly rewrite this article. And so on; thus, there will be hundreds or maybe tens of Grammatical Mistakes that Grammarly will need to rectify.

Outsourcing your proofreading

You could send your finished work off to a proofreader, and they would proofread it for you.

That does cost extra.

If you want it back in 24 hours – then 11.38 dollars and 38 cents. That’s two cents per word. The most popular option is to get it back within three hours, and they charge four cents per word. Or, if you want it back super fast, 30 minutes. They are always available 24/7. Most have Masters or PHDs in English; they have multiple proofreaders and specifically ensure a lightning-fast turnaround.

So, if this is important to you, you might want to consider this option. Mostly, if we order some copy from a writer and outsource in the Philippines or India, the English isn’t so hot. You can throw it right into Grammarly, and you can see – they might plagiarize the whole thing. You can give it back to them; we also use CopyScape for checking plagiarism because Grammarly doesn’t always catch plagiarism.

But, it will almost always tell you if you have short 8/8 word sentences and stuff. So, that’s Grammarly for you. And, we recommend that you go and get this program as soon as possible. It’s online, so it’s nothing that you have to download. It’s all web-based. So, it works for PC and MAC. Directly or indirectly, the message we want to convey is that, as soon as you copy and paste your content in the Grammarly box, it will analyze your content well and highlight copied content as unoriginal.

Types of Grammarly apps

There is three primary Grammarly apps side by side – Grammarly for Chrome, Grammarly for Microsoft Office, and Grammarly for Windows. It’s all there, and it integrates perfectly. With that, having a subscription-based service, we have a yearly subscription, which is the best value.

The integrated Grammarly apps, no matter which browser you use them on, will help your life immensely. The fact that it is completely embedded in your browser means that it can check practically every piece of writing you produce for plagiarism and structure.

For example, say you’re writing an email to your boss or submitting an assignment. Before you hit Send, you can click on the Grammarly extension in your browser’s toolbar. Right then and there, Grammarly will tell you if there are any errors in your writing, or most importantly, if it detects any plagiarism. So, you’ll never have to worry again that you’re sending out completely original, error-free writing content.

So, that’s all for how to use Grammarly as a plagiarism checker as well as a handy proofreading assistant.


We hope that this article taught you a few things about the best online plagiarism checker. You can use software like Grammarly for amazing results, but there are many others out there that can do a great job. Always keep in mind the importance of producing content that is 100% original. After all, the consequences of plagiarizing can be devastating. It’s taken seriously at the highest level in workplaces, schools, and in general. Be careful out there!

If you have any questions or comments, you can leave them in the comment section below and we’d be happy to guide you through installation and usage if necessary.

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