4 Ways in Which Infographics Improve Your SEO Strategy

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Today we bring you a good handful of reasons to bet on the infographics in your blog or website in order to improve your SEO strategy. In addition, we tell you how to optimize each chart for better results.

4 Ways on How The Infographics Can Effectively Improve an SEO Strategy

Every year we see a lot of new SEO positioning  – from the rise of voice search and the importance of local SEO  to the indispensable responsive design and optimization for mobile devices – and we look for different formats and resources to improve our position in Google’s eyes without losing an apex of quality in the content that we offer to the readers.

One of the molds that guarantee better SEO results is infographics, which in addition to being a very useful way to recycle or update old content easily and effectively can become responsible for gaining authority, receiving more visits, or increasing your ability to monetize your blog posts. 

These are the main benefits of creating original and quality infographics on your site, something you can do with free software like Piktochart, Canvas, etc.

Ways Infographics Improve Your SEO Strategy

Let us see all the ways in which Infographics help us to improve our blog traffic.

Increases traffic 

By targeting a specific target and synthesizing the information appropriately, you can increase the number of visits by far. 

For this, the good use of color and graphics and the high quality of the infographic design are fundamental, as well as using references and quality fonts for it.

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Improves link building strategy

According to the Search Engine Journal, content and link building are two of the four most important factors for SEO in 2017. 

Since content curators, community managers, and Social Media always looking for quality content to share and quote, infographics are, along with video, one of the best ways to create natural and quality inbound links.

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Increases relevance and authority index

Keep in mind that interesting infographics aimed at a specific audience and specific industry can circulate in the network for many years if it contributes value, keeping the popularity time after its publication and helping its original source to substantially improve their page rank.

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Greater versatility

While other content modalities are more hermetic, infographics hide great utility behind their visual nature, a feature that makes them potentially apt for virality. 

boy reading electronic book

They are extremely versatile to be inserted as micro contents in social networks, to be part of articles or electronic books, or to complement journalistic pieces.

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How to create an effective infographic that improves your SEO

You can refresh content in the form of infographics and tackle it from a new angle, identify knowledge gaps in the content market or take a look at Google trends to create effective traffic.

You should also reflect on titles and keywords before narrating the story you want, searching into the popularity of terms, looking for the longtail, and detecting the main currents of your industry and competition movements. You can use digital tools like Google Trends, BuzzSumo, Moz, SEMRush, or Quora.

As annotations, it is essential that the keyword or phrase longtail is included in the URL of your infographics, make a meta description and title SEOinclude buttons to share your creation in social networks, remember the importance of loading the page in less time, add text to improve the length of the page and do not forget the ALT attribute, among others.

So, make sure to keep all these points in your mind while creating infographics. I hope this article will help you to increase your popularity through infographics. If you still confuse about creating infographics then go online and find free infographic maker software which helps you to create stunning infographics within minutes

If you have any queries, let us know in the below comments section. We will get back to you to solve all your queries as soon as possible. Would you like to share your experiences or any other important points in this story? Then write them to us through contacting us page or in the below comment section. We will include them in this article in the next update.


How do infographics help your website to grow?

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