These are the New Emojis for iPhone that would arrive this year

These are the New Emojis for iPhone that would arrive this year

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The Unicode Consortium today officially announced Unicode 10, which includes a series of new emojis for iPhone and iPad that Apple users can use to bring their conversations to life.

New Emojis for iPhone that would arrive this year

The launch consists of 56 new emoji characters, a set of Typical marks and symbols, and a Bitcoin sign. With these new additions to Unicode 10, the Unicode standard will consist of a total of 136,690 characters.

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We all know what we like to communicate with emojis. On previous occasions, the new emoji for WhatsApp has been a success, and if not they will tell it to those who had been waiting for the emoji of the feelings to appear for years. Now iOS users will receive the new emojis for iPhone and iPad before the end of this year.

The new emoji characters were previously seen in March and since then, the consortium has leaked many of them and improved as many as to get a global count of 56 new emoji characters for iPhone. The new figures include a vampire, a sandwich, broccoli, fairy, magician, and much more. All of them should appear on iOS before Christmas 2017.

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The 56 new emojis for iPhone

Faces of silence, fairies, dinosaurs, magicians, geniuses, new sports such as climbing or yoga, flags symbols, and much more. Let us review all the 56 new emojis for iPhone and iPad that were just shown by the Unicode Consortium for this year.


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  • Face with stars in the eyes
  • Face with raised eyebrow
  • Head explosion
  • Crazy face
  • Face with symbols over mouth
  • Face vomiting
  • Face of silence
  • Face with hand over mouth
  • Face with monocle
  • Boy
  • Adult
  • Elderly
  • Woman with Hijab
  • Person with beard

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  • Giving birth
  • Magician
  • Fairy
  • Vampire
  • Siren
  • Elf
  • Genius
  • Zombie
  • Person in a wet room
  • Person climbing
  • Person in Lotus Position
  • Gesture of love
  • Palms together
  • Brain

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  • Orange heart
  • Scarf
  • Gloves
  • Coat
  • Socks
  • Baseball cap
  • Zebra
  • Giraffe
  • Hedgehog
  • New dinosaur
  • T-rex
  • Cricket
  • Coconut
  • Broccoli
  • Salty cracker
  • cut of meat
  • sandwich
  • Cereal dish
  • Canned food

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  • Gyōza
  • Fortune cookie
  • Box
  • Foot
  • Glass of soda
  • Chopsticks
  • Flying saucer
  • Curling Sleigh

The release of Unicode 10 apparently comes too late for inclusion in iOS 11, and it would make sense for Apple to save the new iPhone emoji on a smaller update, such as iOS 11.1 or iOS 11.2 and thus encourage users to upgrade. For this reason, it is possible, that although expected at the end of the year, we do not see the new emoji in iOS until the beginning of 2018.

These are the new emojis that are going to attract all the users of iPhone and iPad. Now, we can play more with the emojis than words.
Which emoji do you like the most? And do you want any emoji to be included in iPhone or iPad?